WL-8032 boron steel padlock

ENDED OCT. 1, 2017

We want to know what our customers think about our products. Review up to four products on this site to receive one free padlock per submitted review. Don’t worry about shipping fees; we’ve got it covered. Just make sure your shipping address is up-to-date on your account, and that it is a continental US address. Don’t forget to include a picture of your product in use.

Padlocks will only be shipped within the continental US. If needed, more instructions are listed below. Offer Good Until Supplies Last. No custom keying will be done for this giveaway promotion. Please read the following information before submitting your reviews. 


upload a photo


Participants can include those that have purchased and/or used WAR-LOK products. Participants must have a continental US shipping address on file.

-To be eligible to receive a free padlock, you must have an online account with us, with an up-to-date continental US shipping address.

-You must be logged in to your account before submitting any of your reviews

-Your review must not be spam.

-We will give an additional padlock for reviews that include a photo of your product in use. We welcome creative and humorous photos as well. By uploading your photo to our site, you are agreeing to allow us to share your photo on our social media outlets and site. Please note that you have the ability to upload photos when on a desk top, only.

-This offer is good until supplies last.

This agreement to exchange one free padlock for every review made (maximum of 4 padlocks will be given) will be void if WAR-LOK determines that a review is spam. WAR-LOK has the right to use its own unspecified standards to determine the definition of spam.

First login or register for an account and then search for a product to review. Once a review is submitted, we’ll handle things from there.

-The padlock issued for your review will be the WL-8032. Dimensions can be found here: WL-8032 Dimensions

-Each padlock sent will be keyed differently. These padlocks have been pre-keyed for this promotion. We love giving our customers free goodies. To continue our giveaways, we must be as efficient as possible, therefore custom key alike WILL NOT be available for this offer. Future purchased locks can be keyed alike to your free padlock. Replacement keys will be available, as well. (Please register your keys upon receipt.)

-Customary packaging is unavailable. Each padlock received will be wrapped in shipping paper. (After all, its what inside that counts…)

-Your free product(s) will be shipped anywhere between 2-6 weeks. You will receive an email confirmation, once your products are shipped.

-WAR-LOK will award up to four WL-8032 padlocks and cover cost of shipping.
-Reviewer’s shipping address must be up to date to receive lock.

-If shipping address is not up-to-date, a continental US address, or present at the time your review is made, we cannot guarantee that you will receive padlock(s).

Update Shipping Address

-Reviewers should only review products they’ve purchased and/or used.

-You should review each product no more than once.

-You can leave a review for as many products as you’d like, however, WAR-LOK will only give up to 4 padlocks to a single reviewer.

-Any reviews that include spam will be deleted and will be marked as ineligible to receive padlock.

Your uploaded photo should include the product that you are reviewing. Reviews that include an irrelevant photo (a photo that does not include your WAR-LOK product), will not be accepted. Reviews with “spam” photos will be deleted and will be deemed ineligible to receive a padlock.

One extra padlock will be given in exchange for each review that has one or more photos submitted.

-One padlock will be issued for each review made by reviewer (up to 4 reviews); each padlock will be keyed differently.

-Each padlock will come with 2 keys, as well as a key tag. Use the key code on the key tag to order replacement keys, if needed.

-Once received, it is recommend that you register your keys.

-You can key future locks to your padlock.

Key Registration


  1. Go to
  2. Login or Register

Once logged in, click on the magnifying glass at the top of the page and type in the name or SKU of the product you wish to review.

Once you land on the product’s page, click on the review tab. Rate the product by clicking on the amount of stars you’d like to give the product and leave a few words about the product. Lastly, if you are on a desktop upload a photo of your product in use, and click submit.

submit a review



Repeat up to 3 times. (A maximum of 4 reviews will be exchanged for a free padlock. An additional padlock will be given for reviews with product photos.)

If you’d like to see a full list of all of the products you’ve purchased since June 2016, see more instructions here.

You will have the ability to upload a photo when on a desktop. Sorry, this option is not functional when on a tablet or desktop.

If you still have questions, you can contact us by filling out the Contact Form below.


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