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In the spirit of giving and hauliday cheer we would like to extend a 15% savings to our customers.

Receive 15% off your online purchase of our cargo and container locks. This offer is good until December 31, 2017, 11:59PM. Use coupon code hauliday while Viewing Your Cart. Sorry, this cannot be applied to item Master Key with Setup, and cannot be combined with other offers.

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Wishing you, your family and friends joy and cheer this Christmas season.

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Texas is #1 in Cargo Theft During the Thanksgiving Holiday Season, California is Second

Texas, California, Florida, and Georgia are hit hard by cargo theft over the Thanksgiving holidays.

The holidays are here. It’s a special time of the year, reserved for family, friends, giving thanks, food, long weekends, and sitting cargo. Unfortunately, cargo theft has amounted to as much as $900,000 in one year alone over the Thanksgiving weekend.

If you aren’t prepared for the long Thanksgiving weekend, now is the time to protect your sitting cargo from thieves and organized crime.

Learn more about crime over the Thanksgiving Holidy here and here.

The following locks are our recommended security for sitting cargo.

1. TKP-10 Trailer King Pin Lock

Made of cast steel, this lock deflects the fifth wheel of a thief tractor every time.

King Pin Lock

2. TL-10 Trailer Door Lock

The locking pin is protected by a cast steel body, making it impossible to cut off. Current special: Buy both a TL-10 Trailer Door Lock and TH-10 Hasp online, and get 15% off both items.

Trailer Door Lock

3. IR-20 Intermodal Barrier Container Lock

This cast steel lock resists bolt cutters, saws, and sledge hammers.

Intermodal Barrier Container Lock

4. CTL-10 Cargo Trailer Door Lock

This die cast zinc lock protects rear and side doors. Reefer Trailer locks available.

Cargo Trailer Door Lock

Top 3 Things To See At GATS 2017

The Great American Trucking Show (GATS 2017) will be held in Dallas, Texas from August 24-26, at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center.

We’re big fans of GATS! The show delivers a good time, employment opportunities, the latest trucking innovations, and it doesn’t hurt that the show is held Deep in The Heart of Texas, WAR-LOK’s very own backyard. 😃

Seeing how we enjoy the show so much, we’d like to share the top 3 events, exhibitions and booths that we are looking forward to experiencing, come August.

Our Top 3 Things To See At GATS 2017


Location: Eddie Deen’s Ranch, 944 S Lamar Street, 75202
Date: August 25, 2017
Time: 5-8PM (Central)

Uber Freight and GATS are partnering to provide attendees with good company, a concert, and free BBQ sandwiches. Concert tickets are free and are available at the Uber Freight booth in Lobby B of GATS (near the main entrance of the show). Pre-register online



Pictured above: Eddie Deen’s Ranch restaurant front, concert atEddie Deen’s Ranch, and President John F. Kennedy Mural, located outside Eddie Deen’s Ranch.


Location: Health Pavilion
Date: August 24 – 26, 2017
Time: N/A

The Landstar Health and Wellness Pavilion will host dozens of booths that offer information on health, as well as screenings (some are free). Health screening will include:

  • Diabetes
  • Cholesterol
  • DOT Physicals
  • Mammograms
  • Cholesterol & HDL
  • Spinal Assessment
  • Cardiovascular Risk Assessment
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Kidney Function
  • Eye Acuity & Color Blindness
  • Nutrition Evaluation
  • Medical Consultation
  • Blood Pressure
  • Body Mass Index


Location: Recruiting Pavilion
Date: August 24 – 26, 2017
Time: N/A

GATS has expanded their recruiting pavilion to serve truckers like you that are seeking work. There will be approximately 100 exhibiting fleets, that will be available to speak with you about job opportunities. A line up of attending recruiters can be found at truckshow.com.

Other Helpful GATS Information

Directions to Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center (Google Maps)
Construction and Parking Notice

What are you looking forward to the most?


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July 4th Is Less Than One Month Away

Secure Sitting Cargo Before This Upcoming Holiday Weekend

For the past several year’s thieves have stolen over $10,000,000 worth of cargo during the Fourth of July Holiday Weekend. Don’t be a victim. Secure your cargo and protect your business relationships.




Some of Our Products in Action

Intermodal Barrier Container Lock (IR-10)

Intermodal Barrier Container Lock

Trailer King Pin Lock (TKP-10)

King Pin Lock

Intermodal Barrier Box (IB-10)

Intermodal Barrier Box

Puck Lock (PKL-10)

Puck Lock – Utility Van Door Security

4th of July Cargo Theft

yankee doodle

Fourth of July weekend is right around the corner. Americans around the country will take time off of work to celebrate our country’s liberty with family and friends, and rightfully so.

After all, on July 4, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was approved and signed by Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. It states, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

(Previous Blog: Total loss of $173M in 2016… read more)

These are happy times in the land of the free, but TRUCKERS BEWARE:

The five most popular states for cargo theft surrounding the July Fourth holiday are Texas, California, Florida, Georgia and Illinois, according to CargoNet data.

The most common targets around the fourth of July holiday are food and beverages and electronics and metals (more info shown in the image below). In 2015, total loss during the Fourth of July weekend estimated to be close to $11M.

Protect Your Cargo By Securing Your Trailer

Food and Beverage Theft

The top theft locations have been truck stops, warehouses and parking lots. Haul Hound a company with offerings that are self-described as a “Digital Freight Matching App for Truckers”, notes that people in the industry do not typically label food and beverage as a highly targeted commodity. However, the company’s paper on cargo theft  describes the commodity as one that is attractive due to its untraceable features, low cost/ low security, and its ability to be consumed rather quickly.

Cargo crimes rise as much as 40 percent on holiday weekends compared to non-holiday weekends, according to security consulting firm FreightWatch International. As a side note, it’s important to note that non-holiday weekend are most definitely targeted for theft activity, especially between the hours of 3AM and 5AM.

July Fourth Cargo Theft Trends

(Source: CargoNet)
july fourth cargo theft



Cargo Theft Is Increasing – Protect Your Cargo

cargo-theftThe most reported cases of cargo theft in 2016 occurred in Texas, California, and New Jersey, respectively.

In 2016, the United States and Canada experienced a total of 836 cargo thefts.

  • Totaling a loss of $172,915,707
  • That’s an average loss of $206,836.97 per cargo theft
  • Eight percent rise in tractor theft, compared to 2015
  • Including 623 stolen tractors
  • Four percent rise is trailer theft, compared to 2015
  • Including 732 trailer thefts
  • Combined, there were 1,614 cases of cargo theft, heavy commercial vehicle theft, and supply chain fraud.

Source: American Journal of Transportation

WAR-LOK operates out of Dallas, Texas, this high-level of theft occurs in our very own backyard. This injustice is maddening and downright dirty. The WAR-LOK team will continue to do what we can to educate our customers on the ways to protect cargo, and fulfill our mission to provide a dependable means of cargo security.

[Fourth of July holiday weekend is a common target… read more]

Video: Thief Cuts Through Low-Quality Padlock

Unfortunately, a WAR-LOK padlock was not used to secure these trailer doors (shown in the video above). Our padlocks are heavy duty, with shackles made of boron steel. Additionally, all WAR-LOK products are made with a rotating disk cylindrical core, making our locks incredibly hard to pick, especially out in the field.

When purchasing cargo locks, please be mindful that this is not the the time for saving a few bucks. As shown above, this trailer owner/ truck driver would have earned back their money and avoided possible damage to their reputation by purchasing a quality lock.

For an increased level of security to protect your high-risk loads, consider the Trailer Door Lock and Hasp, as well as our CTL-10 and UTL-10. All product are listed below.

Protect Your Trailer Swing Doors

Other Trailer Locks and guards

Get 15% Off Your Lock and Hasp Purchase

Updated 4/5/18 to include new percentage discount.

WAR-LOK customers will now receive a 15% discount on a Puck Lock and Hasp, and/or a Trailer Door Lock and Hasp purchase.

puck with hasp security for van

Puck Lock and Hasp (PKL-10/ PH-10)

The puck lock is a customer favorite and one of our top sellers. When you purchase this hardened steel puck lock, consider adding the puck lock hasp to your cart for a 15% discount on both items. The WAR-LOK Puck Lock is non-corrosive and can be keyed alike to other WAR-LOK products. Our puck lock is described as “heavy,” “solid,” and “smooth as butter”. The puck lock and hasp are typically used on utility van swing doors, however, we have found that customers use this lock and hasp on gates and vending machines.

Trailer Door Lock and Hasp (TL-10/ TH-10)

The trailer door lock is made of cast steel and completely covers the hasp. Its internal locking feature is completely covered by the steel lock body, making it a real PITA for thieves to bypass. Customers love the black cap, saying that it has, “saved the lock from freezing over multiple times.” The trailer door lock and hasp are typically used on large trailer swing doors, however, we’ve learned that customers also use this lock and hasp on gates and garage double doors.


Both lock and hasp couples can be purchased at a time. There is no limit to quantities purchased at a time. Discount will be applied at checkout.

Trucking Highlights For April 2017

President Trump Agrees to Renegotiate NAFTA

trump_naftaOn Thursday, April 27, 2017, President Donald Trump announced he would renegotiate NAFTA instead of terminating it, saying, “I decided rather than terminating NAFTA, which would be a pretty big, you know, shock to the system, we will renegotiate,…We’re going to give renegotiation a good, strong shot.” He also stated that he will terminate NAFTA if they cannot come to a “fair deal.”

According to the Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS), as of February 2017, US trade with Canada and Mexico increased 2.9% to $86.5 billion on an annual basis. NAFTA trade has consistently increased over the past several months.

Trucks carried 63.2% of U.S.-NAFTA freight in February and continued to be the most heavily utilized mode for moving goods to and from both U.S.-NAFTA partners.

Proposed Ohio Bills Would Spend $8 Million To Fill Open Trucking Jobs

Ohio_bill_truck-driver-jobsThe Ohio Trucking Association backs the bill package that was introduced to hopefully fill thousands of vacant trucking jobs. They say that without it, 175,000 trucking jobs could be unoccupied in the next seven years.

Bill #1 would have Ohio spend $5 million towards CDL student scholarships, to help would-be students pay for school.

Bill #2 would have Ohio spend $3 million on driver training. The money would be in the form of tax credits for trucking companies that provide the training.

Bill#3 would make it easier for trucking companies to obtain insurance for younger drivers.

Bill #4 would ease the transition into the trucking industry for military veterans.

Senator Cliff Hite, a bill sponsor, said, “This is a huge opportunity for the state of Ohio. We have 8,000 to 9,000 job openings.”

The bills were introduced by Representatives Niraj Antani, Representative Ryan Smith, Representative Robert Sprague, and Senator Frank LaRose. They seek to fill thousands of currently open trucking jobs in Ohio. “We are looking at a driver shortage of about 50,000 nationwide,” Said Tom Balzer with the Ohio Trucking Association.

Trump’s $1 Trillion Infrastructure Plan

us_infrastructureFor the trucking industry, bumpy and congested roads prove costly. Poor road conditions add $49.6 billion in costs, according to the trade group American Trucking Associations (ATA). Another $100 billion is lost due to congestion.

Trump plans to move forward with his $1 trillion infrastructure deal. Realizing that typical infrastructure projects take up to 1-2 decades to  complete, Trump promised to cut red tape that would hinder the project’s progress.

“The president has already started removing the regulatory roadblocks that have been killing projects before they’ve even begun through his executive actions, streamlining the permitting process and calling for each agency…to identify regulations that cause undue burden,” White House spokesman Sean Spicer said Wednesday.

This plan is set to include the modernization of U.S. roads, bridges, airports, electrical grid and water systems. The Trump administration plans to offer incentives for public-private partnerships rather than simply fund improvements.

Knight and Swift Merger Creates Single Largest Truckload Operating Group in North America

knight merges with swiftKnight Transportation Inc. and Swift Transportation Co., two of the nation’s largest trucking companies, said on Monday they would merge their businesses. Knight and Swift will operate under a single holding company if the deal is completed, but they will maintain distinct brands and operations.

The combined firm, to be known as Knight-Swift Transportation Holdings, would have reported about $5 billion in annual revenue last year, the companies said. The new holding company would be based in Phoenix and operate about 23,000 trucks and have 28,000 employees.

“Indeed, by coming together under common ownership, the companies will be able to capitalize on economies of scale to achieve substantial synergies.” -Richard Dozer, Swift chairman


Visit our blog for monthly trucking updates.

President Trump Acknowledges Truckers

Officials and drivers from the Trucking Industry met with President Trump late last month. Furthermore, they met to speak about issues affecting truckers and the trucking industry, which primarily focused on healthcare. It was stated that the Affordable Care Act does not meet the needs of trucking employees and employers. The Trucking Industry is said to be the largest employer in 29 of 50 states.

During the meeting, President Trump acknowledged truckers saying, “No one knows America like truckers know America. You carry anything and everything; the food that stocks our shelves, the fuel that runs our cars, and the steel that builds our cities. America depends on you.”

“We need to put the people that move America forward – first.” – ATA President and CEO Chris Spear

In addition to the American Trucking Association, ten trucking company representatives and twelve drivers attended the meeting. These drivers have a combined 319 years of driving experience and 29.4 million accident-free miles!

Truck Driver Representatives 

Steve Fields, YRC Freight, Independence, Mo.
Ralph Garcia, ABF Freight System, Albuquerque, N.M.
David Green, Werner Enterprises, Hot Springs, Ark.
Rhonda Hartman, Old Dominion Freight Line, Des Moines, Iowa
John Lex, Walmart Transportation, Monroe, Ga.
David Livingston, TCW Inc., Springfield, Ga.
Don Logan, FedEx Freight, Eskridge, Kan.
Charlton Paul Jr., UPS Freight, Chester, N.Y.
Russell Simpson, Holland Inc., South Vienna, Ohio
Todd Stine, Carbon Express, Altoona, Pa.
Barney Earl Taylor, Penske, Orlando, Fla.
Derrick Whittle, Cargo Transporters Inc., Fieldale, Va.

Trucking Company Representatives 

ATA Chairman Kevin Burch, president, Jet Express
Jim Burg, president and CEO, James Burg Trucking
David Congdon, CEO, Old Dominion Freight Line
Mike Ducker, president and CEO, FedEx Freight
Eric Fuller, CEO, U.S. Xpress
Neal Kedzie, president, Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association
Rich McArdle, president, UPS Freight
Dennis Nash, CEO, Kenan Advantage Group
Tonn Ostergard, president and CEO, Crete Carrier Corp.
John Smith, chairman, CRST International


Link to CNBC Coverage 

Canadian Shipments | Cargo Locks

Canadian Shipments

Canadian Shipment Are Now Available

A UPS shipping option has been added to our website for those wanting to order and ship to Canadian Providences that border the US.

All large Providences that border the US have been assigned a shipping option on our website. This option has been provided for those within those specified areas, that would like to place an order via the web.

If you find that your providence is not included in this update, please contact customer support to place your order.

Canadian Providences that now have the option to place orders online:

British Columbia