Get 15% Off Your Lock and Hasp Purchase

Updated 4/5/18 to include new percentage discount.

WAR-LOK customers will now receive a 15% discount on a Puck Lock and Hasp, and/or a Trailer Door Lock and Hasp purchase.

puck with hasp security for van

Puck Lock and Hasp (PKL-10/ PH-10)

The puck lock is a customer favorite and one of our top sellers. When you purchase this hardened steel puck lock, consider adding the puck lock hasp to your cart for a 15% discount on both items. The WAR-LOK Puck Lock is non-corrosive and can be keyed alike to other WAR-LOK products. Our puck lock is described as “heavy,” “solid,” and “smooth as butter”. The puck lock and hasp are typically used on utility van swing doors, however, we have found that customers use this lock and hasp on gates and vending machines.

Trailer Door Lock and Hasp (TL-10/ TH-10)

The trailer door lock is made of cast steel and completely covers the hasp. Its internal locking feature is completely covered by the steel lock body, making it a real PITA for thieves to bypass. Customers love the black cap, saying that it has, “saved the lock from freezing over multiple times.” The trailer door lock and hasp are typically used on large trailer swing doors, however, we’ve learned that customers also use this lock and hasp on gates and garage double doors.


Both lock and hasp couples can be purchased at a time. There is no limit to quantities purchased at a time. Discount will be applied at checkout.

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