Q: Can I request a set of replacement keys, if I lose my keys?

We recommend that you register your key upon receiving your lock. This helps to identify the lock and key holder’s owner during the approval process. All key replacements are approved by a manager.

Q. What is a key number? Is it different from a key code?

A key number is used to identify a set of keys. When a key order is made, a manager verifies ownership. Once ownership is confirmed, an assembler matches the key number given to its key code. The key code tells the assembler how to make your key so that it matches your lock.

Q. Where can I find my key number?

Your key number can be found on the key tag that is attached to your set of keys.

Q: Can any of my employees request a replacement key?

The requester will need to know the answers to the questions asked on our Key Registration Form.

Q: How do I request a replacement key?

Simply contact us and our trained customer service representatives will prompt you through a series of questions. The answers will be promptly forwarded to management for approval. Most are approved the same day.

Q: Can you key multiple locks to the same key?

Yes. As the manufacturer we can key locks so that one key opens them all. Check out or Keying Options for more information.

Q: Should I have my locks keyed alike or differently?

That depends upon your security requirements. Please reference the Keying Options document for more information.

Q: Can I have a master key made to fit other locks?

Yes. Important: The time to order a master key is during your initial lock purchase. You can order additional master keys or a replacement master key at a later time, as well. Any future lock that is purchased, can be keyed to your previously purchased master key.

Q: Can I order a master key online?

It is best to call us if you are placing an order that involves the purchase of a master key.


Q: Does anyone else have the same key as my lock?

That depends on how the lock was ordered. Some locks that are ordered for specific fleets are keyed alike. Other locks that are ordered by fleets and/or individuals have one unique key code that is unique to that lock/lock set. Other locks for fleets and/or individuals have one set of keys, but may also have a master key that can open many different locks.

Q: Can I get a lock keyed to an existing key code?

Yes, pending approval from WAR-LOK management. For security reasons, all requested key codes must be verified that the key code provided is a valid key code and is requested by the proper owner.

Q: How do I get qualified to purchase a lock keyed to an existing key code?

Simply contact us and our trained customer service representatives will prompt you through a series of questions. The answers will be promptly forwarded to management for approval. Most are approved the same day.


What if I am not satisfied with my purchase?

You may return your purchased products within 30 days from the ship date for a full refund or replacement. All returns will be inspected and reviewed to identify possible customer tampering. Returns may be subject to a restocking fee up to 25% of the purchase price. Return shipping charges are covered by WAR-LOK on a case-by-case basis. WAR-LOK accepts no responsibility for the loss or damage of returned packages.

What if I receive the wrong product or if the product has been damaged during shipment?

Notify WAR-LOK as soon as possible if you find that you have received something other than what you ordered or if your order has been damaged during shipment. Return and exchange must be completed within 30 days. WAR-LOK will cover additional shipping costs to correct any mistakes it has made in fulfilling an order.

Q: How long is my lock under warranty?

Your WAR-LOK product is under warranty for twelve months. All products will be inspected and reviewed before warranty is granted.


Q: When should I expect to receive my order?

When an order is placed and then processed, our customers should receive an Order Confirmation email along with an attached PDF. Both the email and the PDF will announce expected ship date.

Q: Why haven’t I received my order (U.S.)?

Depending on the size of your order and your keying requests, your items can arrive within 1-3 weeks. Check your Order Confirmation for expected ship date. If you feel you should have already received your order, please contact our WAR-LOK team for assistance.

Q: Why haven’t I received my order (Non-U.S.)?

Ship time varies from country to country. To avoid further delay, please contact our WAR-LOK team immediately, if your shipment has not been received within or around your expected delivery date.

Q: What kind of information can I provide to help avoid shipment delays?

To help avoid delays, please provide a thorough explanation of special instructions for your keying needs. An example of needed information: Key both locks alike, Key lock alike to existing key, #55555, and/or Key lock to new key code

For special keying, make sure to specify needs and any relevant key numbers when placing order. If this information is not specified a customer service representative will attempt to reach a customer to confirm needs and ownership.

WAR-LOK will not process an order until key code ownership has been verified. This should not delay processing and delivery for those that have already registered their key, however in some cases, customer service may need to contact a customer with follow up questions.



Q: I am having trouble unlocking my lock. What should I do? Help!

Stick the key into the keyhole, as far in as possible. Then, turn the key until it goes in further. Do this until it goes in completely and then turn the key to unlock. Remember, that your lock has a 9 disc locking mechanism. Sometimes these discs become unaligned. This is a good thing, it makes the lock extremely difficult to be picked.

If issues persist, apply Slick 50 to your keyhole and stick the key in all the way, working your way down as you turn the key and work your way through the discs.

Q: Why do you recommend using Slick 50? Can I use WD40?

NO. Do not use WD-40 or graphite to lubricate your WAR-LOK products. These are oil-based. Your lock will be ruined if you use these two lubricants. Please use Slick 50 One Lube. It is a water-based lubricant and will not cause damage to your disc locking mechanism.


Q: Are discounts available for bulk quantity purchases?

If you are purchasing multiple locks for a fleet or for resell, please contact us and we will create a customized quote based on your particular security requirements.

In some instances, customers and resellers will be setup with a special code to order discounted merchandise from our online store. Please contact us for more information.


Q: Can anyone purchase a pin removal tool?

No. Purchases of the pin removal tool (IRT-10) must be approved by WAR-LOK management for security purposes.

Q: How do I get qualified to purchase a pin removal tool?

Simply contact us and our trained customer service representatives will prompt you through a series of questions. The answers will be promptly forwarded to management for approval. Most are approved the same day.


Q: How do I create a customer account?

Please follow the link below to find instructions on how to create and manage a customer account:

Online Account Setup Instructions

Q: How do I enter a coupon code?

> Select the items you wish to purchase
> Hover over the shopping bag at the top right of your screen
> Click on View Cart
> Enter valid coupon code in the Coupon Code field
> Click Apply Coupon
> Your savings will be shown under Cart Totals and on Checkout Page