July 4th Is Less Than One Month Away

Secure Sitting Cargo Before This Upcoming Holiday Weekend

For the past several year’s thieves have stolen over $10,000,000 worth of cargo during the Fourth of July Holiday Weekend. Don’t be a victim. Secure your cargo and protect your business relationships.




Some of Our Products in Action

Intermodal Barrier Container Lock (IR-10)

Intermodal Barrier Container Lock

Trailer King Pin Lock (TKP-10)

King Pin Lock

Intermodal Barrier Box (IB-10)

Intermodal Barrier Box

Puck Lock (PKL-10)

Puck Lock – Utility Van Door Security

Cargo Theft Is Increasing – Protect Your Cargo

cargo-theftThe most reported cases of cargo theft in 2016 occurred in Texas, California, and New Jersey, respectively.

In 2016, the United States and Canada experienced a total of 836 cargo thefts.

  • Totaling a loss of $172,915,707
  • That’s an average loss of $206,836.97 per cargo theft
  • Eight percent rise in tractor theft, compared to 2015
  • Including 623 stolen tractors
  • Four percent rise is trailer theft, compared to 2015
  • Including 732 trailer thefts
  • Combined, there were 1,614 cases of cargo theft, heavy commercial vehicle theft, and supply chain fraud.

Source: American Journal of Transportation

WAR-LOK operates out of Dallas, Texas, this high-level of theft occurs in our very own backyard. This injustice is maddening and downright dirty. The WAR-LOK team will continue to do what we can to educate our customers on the ways to protect cargo, and fulfill our mission to provide a dependable means of cargo security.

[Fourth of July holiday weekend is a common target… read more]

Video: Thief Cuts Through Low-Quality Padlock

Unfortunately, a WAR-LOK padlock was not used to secure these trailer doors (shown in the video above). Our padlocks are heavy duty, with shackles made of boron steel. Additionally, all WAR-LOK products are made with a rotating disk cylindrical core, making our locks incredibly hard to pick, especially out in the field.

When purchasing cargo locks, please be mindful that this is not the the time for saving a few bucks. As shown above, this trailer owner/ truck driver would have earned back their money and avoided possible damage to their reputation by purchasing a quality lock.

For an increased level of security to protect your high-risk loads, consider the Trailer Door Lock and Hasp, as well as our CTL-10 and UTL-10. All product are listed below.

Protect Your Trailer Swing Doors

Other Trailer Locks and guards

Watch The WAR-LOK IR-20 Withstand Several Attacks


The IR-20 can withstand any traditional method of theft! Watch how the IR-20 withstands attacks made by men using a sledgehammer and even an electric-saw! Once sawed through, the lock held on tight, even while the “would-be thief” hit it with a chisel and hammer. This lock is one tough puppy! It can be used on intermodal carts, as well as cargo trailers, as seen in the video. Click on the links below to read more about this reusable lock or to make a purchase.

When you buy a WAR-LOK product, you’re buying quality and peace-of-mind. Tell us what you think about this video in the comments below.


Intermodal Reusable Barrier Lock