Cargo theft continues to plague the trucking industry. As thieves get smarter, it’s important for us to be prepared. Here are 4 ways to prevent cargo theft.


Sitting Cargo is cargo at risk. The longer you are stopped the more time thieves have to asses your load, your behaviors, and devise a plan to steal. Try to avoid weekend transits to minimize the time you're waiting for weekday staging. In addition, define an amount of time you are able to sit. This will not only help you stay on schedule but also limit the time you are at risk.

2. Stay Secure

Utilize parking that has a security guard or systems in place. It's wise to research where secure parking is available before you begin your route. Park your truck in a well-lit space when traveling at night. The more your trailer can be seen the better. 

3. Pay Attention

Learn about hot spots/red zones and what times theft is likely to spike. Hot spots are areas near busy ports that have the highest rate of theft. Theft tends to spike around the holidays but recently has continued throughout the year. Be aware of your surroundings and any vehicles that may be following you for an extended period of time. Staying alert will be your best defense against theft.

4. Quality Locks

High-security locks are known to provide protection to cargo. Locks such as the WAR-LOK King Pin lock will deter theft by attaching to the fifth wheel plate of an untethered tailer. While your tractor is parked and idling consider a product like the WAR-LOK Tractor Air Brake Lock that encases the parking brake and trailer air valves. Both of these products will assist in keeping your load safe.

Written by Meghan Plys

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