TAB-10 Air Brake Lock

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Use Our Tractor Air Brake Lock To Protect Your Unattended Tractor

The TAB-10 Tractor Air Brake Lock protects parked and idling tractors against theft by completely enclosing the trailer air valves and parking brake. 

Tractor Air Brake Lock Exterior

The WAR-LOK Air Brake Lock TAB-10 is made of die-cast aluminum, thus making it nearly impenetrable.

Tractor Air Brake Lock Interior

This device is designed to secure a tractor's air valve knobs by fully covering them. Its exterior is reinforced and includes two internal disks that detach and spin if someone tries to drill into the lock. As with all WAR-LOK products, the Air Brake Lock features a nine-cylinder disk locking mechanism, significantly reducing the chances of someone picking the lock and stealing the tractor.

Keyed Alike Tractor Air Brake Locks

Air Brake Locks can be keyed differently, keyed alike, or keyed alike to a master key. Furthermore, newly purchased locks can be keyed alike to an existing lock. WAR-LOK will verify ownership before any key is copied. Our keys are cut at our WAR-LOK Assembly Shop, located in Dallas, Texas, USA.

Additional Information

WEIGHT: 1.819 lbs

DIMENSIONS: 10 × 6.75 × 2.5 in

KEY OPTIONS: Keyed Alike, Keyed Differently, Master Key, Specify Keying Preferences at Checkout

MATERIAL: Die Cast Aluminum

MAINTENANCE: One spray of Slick 50 One Lube every 90 days or when needed. WD40 is NOT recommended and will have an adverse effect on your lock.

OPTIONAL USE: Lock-Out Tag-Out and Maintenance, Reusable


NOTE: Hardware included, NOT compatible with Kenworth T600 (2015 and later), Freightliner Cascadia (2016 and later), and International Pro Star (2016 and later).

Installation and Removal

The WAR-LOK Truck Air Brake Lock is designed to fit standard air brake controls. Due to the various sizes and types of knobs used on truck brake control valves, please follow this procedure to set your Truck Air Brake Lock for the valve knobs in your vehicle.

1. Ensure the vinyl tips are installed on the Allen set screws.
2. Using the 1/8″ Allen wrench provided, adjust until the vinyl tip is touching the back of the knob. (This is a one-time adjustment.)
3. If using the standard red and yellow knobs, install the self-stick foam pads in the inner body.
4. If using the large chrome knobs, discard the foam pads.

To install the lock:
1. Slip one-half of the lock around the valve knobs.
2. Slide the other half until the two halves are together.
3. Push the lock button to secure the lock.

To remove the lock:
1. Insert the key into the lock cylinder and turn clockwise approximately 3/4 turn. The lock cylinder will spring extend to release the lock.


Return Policy

You may return your purchased products within 30 days from the ship date for a full refund or exchange. WAR-LOK will cover additional shipping costs to correct any mistakes it has made in fulfilling an order.

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, returns may be subject to a restocking fee of up to 25% of the purchase price.

The Tractor Air Brake Lock protects idling and parked tractors from theft by completely and securely encasing the parking brake and trailer air valves.

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