TLH-10 Trailer Door Lock with Hasp Bundle

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Use The TL-10 and TH-10 To Secure Your Trailer Doors

This heavy duty lock secures large cargo swing doors. This trailer door lock is made of cast steel making it nearly impenetrable.

It's interior locking mechanism is completely hidden from thieves. There is nothing for a thief to focus on in his attempt to use a bolt cutter.

Quality Trailer Door Locks With Detailed Features:

The TL-10 cap protects the keyhole and disks from elements that will travel upward and into the lock. This feature is especially helpful for those that travel through freezing weather.

Use the included 12" cable to tether the lock to your trailer.

Keying Options

Key your locks differently, alike, or alike to a master key. Key a new locks to an existing lock. WAR-LOK Cares About Your Security. Therefore, WAR-LOK verifies key ownership before replacing a set of keys. Our WAR-LOK Assembly Team cuts every key in Dallas, Texas, USA.

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(Video) Unlocking Your TL-10

Additional Information

TL-10 WEIGHT: 1.29 lbs

TL-10 DIMENSIONS: 5 × 4 × 3 in

TL-10 MATERIAL: Cast Steel

TH-10 WEIGHT: 1.834 lbs

TH-10 DIMENSIONS: 17.14 x 3.50

TH-10 Material: Cast Steel

Other: 3/8" Carriage Bolts Suggested, Hardware not included

Made in our machine shop in Dallas, Texas USA.

MAINTENANCE: One spray of Slick 50 One Lube every 90 days, or when needed. WD40 is NOT recommended and will have an adverse affect on your lock.


COLOR: Silver

NOTE: The TL-10 does NOT fit Intermodal Shipping Containers (IR-20), smaller Travel and Cargo Trailers (CTL-10)and the Utility Brand Trailers (UTL-10). 

Installation & Removal

The WAR-LOK Trailer Lock is designed to fit most standard trailer door latches.  The lock hasp must be in good operating condition and not be excessively bent or deformed.The WAR-LOK Trailer Lock is intended to be used in conjunction with a metal ball type indicative seal.

The Trailer Lock should be installed on the right door on the inside latch (if applicable).

To install the lock:
1.  Insert and fasten a metal ball seal through the latch hasp.
2.  Hold the seal by the ball and gently pull to the side.
3.  Place the WAR-LOK Trailer Lock over the hasp latch assembly and push the lock cylinder upward until it clicks into place.

To remove the lock:

1.  Insert the key into the lock cylinder and turn clockwise approximately 3/4 turn.  The lock cylinder will spring extend to release the lock.

Return Policy

You may return your purchased products within 30 days from the ship date for a full refund or exchange. WAR-LOK will cover additional shipping costs to correct any mistakes it has made in fulfilling an order.

In the event you are unsatisfied with your purchase, returns may be subject to a restocking fee up to 25% of the purchase price.

The Trailer Door Lock completely covers and protects the hasps of most trailers. The TL-10 can also be coupled with the Trailer Door Hasp (TH-10). to offer a robust, and cost-effective solution to theft.